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Carolee Goodgold is a singer/actress/voiceover artist.  She can be heard on hundreds of commercials, records, industrials and audiobooks, and she has performed on theatrical and concert stages worldwide.  She recorded her first album when she was 16, "The Lord's Prayer" for Peter Pan Records.  She holds a BFA in Acting and Directing from Ithaca College.  While in Ithaca, she recorded many commercials and joined local favorites “Desperado”.  She recorded 2 albums and 3 music videos with them and toured the US for 7 years.  They opened for many major acts and were often the headliners themselves.   

She has recorded and/or performed with such diverse acts as Carly Simon, Keely Smith, Rosie O’ Donnell, The Chieftains, Marie Osmond, Albanian star Frederic Doci, The Bingo Boys, David Friedman, Sandi Patty, and toured with country star Larry Gatlin’s band for several years.

She performed the vocals and/or voiceovers for Cingular, Cheerios, Verizon, Dentyne,  Downy,  MCI,  Jello,  Tourneau, Dole, Napier, Lone Star Beer, Club Med,  MGM Grand,  American Express,  IBM,  Revlon,  Unisom, among many others.

Onstage she starred in "Opa" at Queens Theatre in the Park. She has appeared in the readings of "Somewhere in Time", “Bright Lights, Big City” ,“Tiny Dancer” , “Faraway Bayou”, "Music is My Fist", "The Boy Who Would Be Pope", "Road to Hollywood", "Hit Her With The Skates" and more. She was a featured player in the ABC Pilot, “Where’s The Party?”  She has directed/musically directed/written and acted in countless live industrial shows.

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